Mark Konta Estoria

From East Timor

Here is a collection of original material composed by one of our former volunteers, Maun Markus/Mark. He was based near Manatuto where Teresa and I were, and we shared many similar frustrating fascinating experiences and became a tight threesome within the tight group of ten we had become.

In his eight months with us, Mark brought a certain intangible relief, more serious than simply comic, more comical than mundane, more friendly than critical, and more insighful than banal. We all miss his company:

  • when waiting for the bus at Bakora Terminal
  • when sitting waiting for the bus in Manatuto
  • when sitting waiting for the bus in Lalaia
  • when 'squishing grapes' at Poi Chalore
  • when enduring non-sensical Peace Corps training
  • when enduring unintelligible government meetings in Manatuto District
  • when sitting through a five-hour wedding festival
  • when dashing off to Baucau or points further east, west, north or south
  • when sharing stories about intestinal fortitude
  • when making and eating guacamoli in Manatuto
  • when sorting out fact from fiction in government work
  • when sitting on the beach.
We'll miss Maun Markus at all these times and more, and especially when we are telling stories about all these experiences, for Mark is a master story teller. You can enjoy some of his stories by following the links below.

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Letter 6

Letter 5

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Letter 3

Letter 2

Letter 1

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