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East Timor

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Newest Galleries (Added February 2004)


Recent Galleries (Added January 2004)

Faces of Timor


From around Timor


Activities around Manatuto


Short Trips


My Host Family in Manatuto

Wedding Festival

Halo Tinan


My Birthday


Galleries (Last Updated, December 2003)

Kore Metan

Firmeno Santa Lai

Santa Cruz

12 Year Memorial

Halloween 2003

Community Assessments

A crash course in Manatuto meetings.

People of Timor Loro Sa'e

Macro Lense

Flowers, spiders, small animals...

Appropriate Technology Training

One half day of training in small-scale, environmentally sensitive, culturally relevant technologies.


Peace Corps and extracurricular activities.

Future-Site Visit: Manatuto

Oho Karao (Cow Slaughter)

Explicit pictures of the killing of a cow and a buffalo

Life in Hera


Maun Gil became Godfather to Anoh

Visit to Remexiu Environment of Timor Loro Sae


Old Galleries, about to be archived (unavailable for long after January 2003)

Kore Metan: one-year
commemoration of death
Kore Metan Dance
Volunteer Favorites Our first days here
My host family
Independence Day 2003

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