Pictures of my Host Family

The Peace Corps staff placed each of us volunteer trainees with a host family. I could not have asked for a kinder, more patient, or more helpful family. My host family consists primarily of an uncle, Mestri Estanislau, and three of his nephews ranging in age from twenty-three to nine. As is always the case in households in East Timor, seldom does a day pass without family or friends visiting, and more nights than not someone is sleeping on the couch or with the kids on the platform bead. The following pictures show how friendly and quick to smile they all are.

pictures by Michael Jones

Bobi Dansa DivingIn EgasHamnasa Familia
Bobi Friends Dancing Diving In Egas Hamnasa Family before Mass
Gernimo2 Geronimo HalimarIhaLaran HaloDosi HeliAi
Geronomi Peeking Geronimo Peeking Kids goofing around Cake for Sale Hauling Wood
ManuInan SaeNu TeinModo Familia2  
Chicken and Chicks Egas in a Coconut Tree Cooking Me with my Host Family

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