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East Timor

Teresa's sister, Mary Michael, posted an article to about how she experienced her twin sister heading off to volunteer in a far away land.

Will's Mom's web page. You can see transcribed entries from Will's insightful journal.

The East Timor Action Network, provides up-to-date information on the political and governmental situation in East Timor, and simple ways the public can help.

La'o Homutuk is an effort to form a watchdog organization helping evaluate international efforts to help East Timor.

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Diego Hey, the first country director for East Timor, is now engaged in the rebuilding effort in Iraq. He's written some breath-taking stories, and you can access these on the web site for friends of Paraguay where Diego was deputy country director for a while.

Solicitation: If you would like to suggest a link, please send any information about any web sites related to our experience volunteering in East Timor, to I am slowly compiling a list of links. I would especially appreciate links to sights where you've gained information about the current situation or past developments in East Timor.

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