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I have listed a collection of links to web sites that I find useful. It's not exhaustive in any section, but just gives you a good start if you are intersted in finding out more about any of these areas. If you have something you think worth posting here, send me an e-mail and suggest it.

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Two places: one oppressed, one now free


East Timor

  • BBC's country profile -- section with a balanced introduction to the political developments of East Timor over the last quarter century
  • East Timor News -- A list of current news events
  • East Timor Action Network -- Leading U.S. non-profit that fought for East Timor's independence and now fights for its development
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  • International Network of Engaged Buddhists -- Organization founded by Sulak Sivaraksa, an inspirational Thai man who sees engaging with the material world and every-day life of society as a necessary component of good Buddhist practice
  • Buddhist Peace Fellowship -- International organization serving as a catalyst to for socially-engaged Buddhism

Teravada Bhuddism

  • Access to Insight -- Host for translations of the Dhamma (books of Buddha's teachings and commentaries on these)
  • Buddhadasa Bhikku -- Founder of Suan Mokh (an international Wat and retreat center) and reformer of Thai Buddhism, simplifying and refocusing practice on essentials
  • Wat Umong -- Wat (Temple) in Northern Thailand where I spent six weeks in retreat

Mahayana Buddhism

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  • MoveOn.org -- Virtual grass-roots organization facilitating democratic actions (petitions, letters, calls)
  • Peace-Action -- Grassroots peace activist organization that has played central roll in democratic peace efforts from stopping our war in Vietnam to weapons-ban treatees
  • Amnesty International -- How can we have peace without human rights and justice?
  • Michael Moore -- Itinerant social critic and pebble in our shoes helping motivate us to act
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Environmental Organizations

  • Sierra Club -- The largest and oldest environmental organization in the U.S.
  • Greenpeace -- Strong positions and active membership around the world
  • Earth First -- Active defenders of nature, site lists active tree-sits and other on-going actions
  • Environmental News Service -- Clearinghouse for news from genetic engineering to ancient forests
  • Concerns over the atmospheric impact of flying are addressed by these organizations offering countermeasures:
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Political/Economic and Progressive City Planning

Working to make our economy responsive to people's values

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  • Vegetarian Resources Group -- Non-profit promoting enviro- and health-friendly diets
  • Vegsource.com -- Link to all sorts of information about being vegetarian, including recipies and health issues
  • Happy Cow -- Links to vegetarian restaurants all over the world (careful, some of the information is old, so call first)
  • The Vegetarian Society (UK) -- Site with great medical section (click heading lower right column)
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My Resume

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Around Tacoma

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  • Bartleby.com -- On-line versions of many reference resources, including American Heritage Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Dictionary -- Less thorough version of above, still with American Heritage Dictionary
  • World clock -- Time for cities around the world
  • Calling codes -- Numbers needed to reach most countries and cities
  • Travelocity -- Decent rates on flight tickets (AOL's site)
  • Expedia -- Decent rates on flight tickets (Microsoft's site)
  • Thaitel -- Cheap, prepaid, virtual calling cards to call anywhere in the world; some cheap flight tickets too
  • Pagesource -- HTML Toutor
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News and Commentary


  • Counterpunch -- Edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, forum with news and commentary from a variety of perspectives, mostly those ignored in mainstream press
  • The Nation -- Since 1865, the U.S.'s leading critical voice, publishing news and commentary
  • The New York Times

Multi-media (primarily radio)