Thoughts on Our Experience in

East Timor,

and on the development process

Naran Deit

East Timor's own periodical volunteer journal, Naran Deit, published by volunteers right here on the island.

2nd Issue

1st Issue

Teresa Hanoin Bot
(Teresa Thinks Big)

Teresa's diary entry on flying to Egypt and her "new eyes" of contrast.

(click here)

(Sun Flower)

A Manatuto student group formed a friendship with a girls school in Australia and an alternative highschool in Seattle.

I've posted here a couple open corespondences:

Mark Konta Estori
(Mark Tells a Story)

Click above to see a menu of e-mails sent home by Mark, one of our more colorful writers in his tenure here on the island. Or, click here for his take on what returning to life back home is like.

Aaron Konta Estori
(Aaron Tells a Story)

Click on a link below to see East Timor through the multi-talented, RPCV, Aaron Fairchild's descriptive prose.

Miguel Nia Hanoin

Hanoin Hosi Manatuto
(Thoughts from Manatuto)



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