Mark Konta Estoria III

From East Timor

Whats up everyone-

Well, I've been here almost 2 months and I have yet to receive anything by mail, plus the emails have substantially decreased over the last couple of weeks. It's now gotten to the point that I'm actually happy to see porn and "get your diploma now" adds in my hotmail inbox. Anyway, I figured in case any of you were wondering, I would tell you about my normal day in East Timor.

7:15 am - Wake up. I usually walk out of my room, the family I live usually tries to talk to me, but I pretty much respond with "good morning" to everything they say. So the conversation usually goes something like this:

Family: "Hey Mark, do you want to eat fish for breakfast?" Mark: "Good Morning" 7:30 am - I walk 10 yards behind my house for my daily shower. The shower room consists of a three walled space, and then it has a big bucket full of smelly water. The idea is to clean yourself by dumping some dirty water on you and wash yourself with soap. This is actually not that bad. The only bad part is that one of the walls looks like a big piece of Swiss cheese, and pretty much anyone who wanted to could walk by and get a good look at whitey's private parts.

7:45 am - Eat breakfast. Breakfast is usually a bread roll and butter. You would think that this normally would be good - but for some reason they put about three pounds of fucking butter on each piece of bread. I really think that I'm going to die of a heart attack very soon. 8:00 am - After my Butter sandwich, I head off to language class. This shit is very boring. I usually pass the time by translating phrases like "Where can a guy get a rub and a tug around here?" into the local language. (In case you were wondering, "Iha nebee hetan kose ida e tanga ida besic iha nee?")

5:00 pm - Go home and play chess with another guy that lives close to me. As of now my record is 0-11. As usual, I'm a born loser - and never winning is not good especially when you're gambling. 6:30 pm - This is when I try to talk to my family. It usually ends up with us just smoking Indonesian cigarettes because "good morning" can only go so far at 7 o'clock at night. I'm pretty sure they think I'm retarded.

7:00 pm - Dinner. The food here is actually pretty good - I thought it would be a lot worse. Most of the time it's just chicken and rice. But If I'm really lucky, I get a whole fish sitting on my plate that is looking back at me with the eyes that it still has. 10: 00 pm - Go to bed

3:00 am - Roosters Now let me tell you about chick situation over here. It pretty much sucks. I have two options. The first, and the most probable, is of me hooking up with some other volunteer - but, if something goes wrong and people get pissed off, I'm pretty much stuck. It's not like I can catch the next plane to O'Hare.

The second is the local young uglies. This is not a good option. For one, they pretty much all have red teeth from chewing this nasty tobacco type shit, - plus they stink. And B, if you are seen with a local girl in public - even just holding hands - you better end up marrying the nasty bitch. If you don't, the local dudes will chase you down with machete's and hack you up. It's actually happened.

What's even more fucked up is this. Due to the fact that guys and girls aren't allowed any public interaction, guys walk down the street hand in hand with each other to supplement this lack of human contact. And these guys just don't hold hands either, they proceed to do the hand sex type fidgeting - which as I am accustomed to in America - is usually followed by hooking up, or at least it's a sign that both concerning parties are interested in doing so. So I don't get it, especially since homosexuality is looked down upon around here. I want to know at what point do these guys turn to each other and say, "Whoa.....wait a minute dude........I'm not gay." Does this happen when someone is actually taking off the others pants, or before? As of now, I'm letting the guys in my town touch my arm. If they go for the hand...I just start running. Even more reason they think I'm retarded

OK, I have to go. I hope that everyone is doing good at home. Oh yeah. I'm not sure who it was, but one of you guys at home called my mom on mother's day to wish her well since I wasn't around. Thank you. I appreciate it, and so did Mama Hayes. I'll write again when I get the chance. I sent some letters out to some of you, so let me know when you get them.

Bumble beetuna, Mark

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