Kay Rala Student Activities

Gerasol Group

September 2003 to February 2004

Students in Kingston, Australia have reached out to make friends with students here in Manatuto. Below is a letter written by the leader of the group spontaneously formed by the students to learn about other cultures and to maintain contacts with the student in Australia. Following this are several pictures of the Manatuto students engaged in various activities. -- mj

Tetun greeting: (Click here for English, below)

24 Febreiru 2004

Ba Maluk Sira Tomak iha Mentone Girls Secondary College:

Ami agradesi barak ba eskola Mentone Girls Secondary College nebe'e halo relacao ho ami i ami mos hakarak halo relacao ida ne'e metin nafatin.

Ami hari'i groupo ida naran Gerasol atu aprende konoba kultura hotu-hotu. Ami haksolok atu troka experencia ba maluk sira, i fo hanoin ba malun. Ami simu tiha ona colega sira nia photo, ne'ebe haruka mai ami (haree photo tuir mai, iha nebe'e ami haree imi nia photo). Ami hare katak atividade colega sira halo kapas tebe tebes. Ami gosta liu hare atividade konoba tein, apprende konoba computador, i estuda homotuk konoba geographia, no mos estuda musica.

Agora ami hakarak hatudo ita bot sira ami nia atividade oi-oin, maibe, ami siedauk halo photo i recordasaun barak. Se bele, ami hakarak fo hatene konoba ami nia atividade.

Eskola Kay Rala halo orientasi ba alunus foun sira, nebe'e sira tenki halo atividade oin-oin, henesan hamos rai, hamos uma governo nian, i halo jogus. Ami alunos tuan mos fahe ami nia esperencia ba alunos foun sira oinsa sira bele hetan diak iha eskola secondaria, Kay Rala.

Groupo Gerasol mos hakarak esplica konoba kultura ni-nian. Esemplu: halai nattar. Ami usa karau barak (henesan karau rua nulu recine) atu prepara kari haree. Ami iha planu atu haruka ba ita bot sira, photo konoba ami nia atividade seluk tan, henesan ami tebe bola, estuda groupu, iha ami nia eskola fatin. Se ita bot sira hakarak, ami mos bele hasai photo konoba ami nia moris loroloron: henesan ami nia hela fatin, ami nia halimar fatin, ami nia festa, ami nia serbisu iha toss, nattar, i tasi.

Ami nia eskola iha naran, maibe, la iha fatin. Agora dadauk usa SMP nia fatin iha lorokraik. Governu atu hadia uma ida iha fatin ida dok hosi ami nia uma, maibe ami gosta liu se governu bele loke eskola basic ami nia uma, iha villa laran. Kay Rala, naran segredu Xanana Gusmao nian iha ai laran.

Ami hein karta o responsta hosi ita bot sira.

Obrigado barak ba maluk sira hotu. Maski ita hela dok malu, maibe, bele halo colega diak / dok hosi ami nia matan, basic iha ami nia fuan laran.

Gabriel Soares Boavida, Leader, Gerasol

English Translation:

24 February 2004

To All Our Friends in the Mentone Girls Secondary College:

We would like to start by thanking the Mentone Girls School that has so kindly taken up a relationship with us. We would very much like to form a tight, lasting relationship with you.

We have formed a group, named 'Sun Flower' to learn about world cultures. We are very pleased to exchange ideas and experiences with you. We have already received the pictures you sent (see the photos below in which we are sharing those around our group), and found the activities pictures therein to be beautiful. We especially liked the pictures of cooking class, computer training, studying geography, and music lessons.

Now we would like to show you some of our activities, but we don't yet have many photos or other records to share. We would like to share what little we have to date.

Kay Rala has an orientation for incoming freshmen in which they take part in various activities such as cleaning the school grounds, sweeping the government offices, and playing various games. The older students share our experience with them, and teach them how to get through secondary school at Kay Rala.

Gerasol also wants to explain about our culture. For example, running the rice paddy. We use many cows (more than twenty) to prepare the rice paddy for broadcasting seed. We have a plan to send to you more photos about our other various activities, such as playing football, study groups, and activities in our school. If you would like, we can also take pictures of our daily lives: life at home, relaxation activities, parties, and our work in the fields, rice paddy, and in the sea.

Our school has a name, but not yet a place for classes. We currently use the pre-secondary school buildings in the afternoons. The government is about to renovate a set of buildings a ways from our homes, but we would much prefer if they could open a school closer to the inside of town. Kay Rala, is the famous code name Xanana Gusmao used in the forest.

We wait for your response or letter.

Thank you to all our friends. Though we live far, we can be good friends / far from our eyes, close to our hearts.

Gabriel Soares Boavida, Leader, Gerasol

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