Recent Experiences in Asia

Thailand & Burma

January 2004 -- for my first vacation from Timor I recovered my strength -- this time physical -- in Thailand, took a quick, afternoon jaunt to Burma, and stoped over a few days in Bali. (Click on a link below to view the picture galleries in a new window.)

Northern Thailand, and my friend, Tan Pornsai (you can listen to a short clip of the monks chanting at Wat Umong)

Burma, and my friends, Joe and Pomme

India and Tibet

July - December 2002 -- Before my current adventure in East Timor, I was volunteering and traveling around India and Tibet. I took a few pictures with a camera from the office I was volunteering with, and a fellow traveler/volunteer, Ed Douglas, took a few with his digital camera. You can view the galleries from this trip by clicking on a link below (a new browser window will open).
McLeod Ganj -- the town where I lived and volunteered for four months.
Norbulingka -- historically His Holiness the Dalai Lama's summer palace, now a center for religious art and craft production.
Biir, TCV, and TT School -- three places where Tibetans live, study, work, and play, in exile.
A family in Tibet.