Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai
M. Jones
January 2004

In Chiang Mai, I quickly made my way in the early, pre-dawn hours (I don't know why they schedule bus service to deliver passengers at the unworkable hour of 4:30 a.m.?) to my favorit vegetarian restuarant in town, where I knew I could find food, a little friendly company, and take part in the symbolic yet very practical act of offering food to passing monks. Thailand is one of the few countries in the world where monks carryon the living tradition of Buddha's teaching: monks should be dependent on their community for food.

After offering food, I scouted around for a room to rent for the night, and a found a place to do my laundry (for about a quarter the price they wanted in Bangkok). By noon, I was at Wat Umong catching up with my dear friend, Tan Pornsai. Seeing him brought me right back to old times, and I can't wait to find another time to visit with him again, perhaps in his country of Laos. In first three rows of pictures below, you can see the monastery where I spent six weeks studying the teachings of Buddha and learning a few basic practices of Buddhism.

Tearing myself away from Chiang Mai, I visited my newly-made friend, Joe, up in Chiang Rai. Joe and I'd met in East Timor where he was working with the UN; we thought we had a few things in common (being about the tallest fellows on that island) and I keep finding myself very drawn to this man's ideas. He is a pleasure to hang around with, and he graciously included me in sight-seeing plans he had formed with another friend of his from Princeton, Pomme, and her mother. We had a great couple days riding on rivers and elephants, visiting meditation caves and crossing the border into Burma.


DSC05533 DSC05550 DSC05551 DSC05556 DSC05559
    Perfect Street       Creamatory       Reservoir       Waggy       Ajarn Narin, Tan Porsai, and Goofy  
DSC05566 DSC05572 DSC05575 DSC05580 DSC05589
    Studying Hard       Tan Pornsai's Kuti       Chanting Hall       Island in the Pond       Near-by Wat Suan Dok  
DSC05594 DSC05596 DSC05597 DSC05600 DSC05602
    Wat Doi Suthep       Dhama Library       Buddha Heads       Dear Friends       Grocery Store  
DSC05610 DSC05614 DSC05621 DSC05625 DSC05632
    Street Artisan       Humerous Art       Lamps       Street Performance       Worms Anyone?  
DSC05633 DSC05666 DSC05672 DSC05686 DSC05703
    Chiang Rai Beauty Dance       Elephant Ride       Hungry       Tempting       Orchid  
DSC05754 DSC05757 DSC05782 DSC05810 DSC05875
    Friends       Traditional Water Urns       Auspicious Gardens       Princess Mother's Mountain Retreat       Buddha  
DSC05880 DSC05892 DSC05895 DSC05902 DSC05905
    Story of the Crystal Image       Crystal Image       Wat Chiang Man       Monks Catching a Ride       Comfy Spot  
DSC05912 DSC05914 DSC05919 DSC05923 DSC05926
    Buddhas       Intricate Roof       Peaceful Edge       Roof Detail       Silk Shop