January 2004

I took off from East Timor, rather tired out and thinner than I've been in years, looking for something to put add inches to my waist and energy to my fortitude. I found a little of the first, and lots of the second, in Thailand, where I always seem to find myself recovering when I'm worn thin. This time, I had great friends to visit in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and of course Bangkok. I even managed a short trip to the Burmese border. Below, you can see a few images from the fun I had in and around one of humanity's most complex creations, the asian megalopolis. From the canals winding underneath crowded traffic-bound streets, to the street vendors selling the most delicious food in the world for pennies, in the shadows of some of the tallest buildings in the world, to the peaceful temples and fanciful king's palaces, this is truly an exotic land, despite the full-blown modernism gripping the city.


DSC05527 DSC05928 DSC05929 DSC05932 DSC05933
    Old Bus       Even a little Chinese Opera       Lighting Insense       Blessing       Year of the Monkey  
DSC05938 DSC05940 DSC05952 DSC05954 DSC05956
    Offerings       Chinese New Year -- The Year of the Monkey       Fast Transport       Clambering On       New Rama Bridge  
DSC05962 DSC05965 DSC05991 DSC06000 DSC06002
    Wat Arun       Serious Travel Critic       River Transport       Queen's Craft Center       Queen's Chair  
DSC06004 DSC06007 DSC06010 DSC06012 DSC06013
    Masks       Crowd Pleaser       Laquer Mask       Ganesha       Carving  
DSC06014 DSC06018 DSC06020 DSC06021 DSC06025
    King and Queen       Fighting Elephants       Stupa of Dawns Past       Teak Rice Barges       King's Canoe  
DSC06027 DSC06030 DSC06032 DSC06036 DSC06060
            Intricate wood-work       Lotus Blossom       Naa Looks Out       Bird Wat  
DSC06078 DSC06079 DSC06081 DSC06083  
    Singha Bottling Factory       Fishing, Smoke Stacks       View Along the River  
Ceramic Pots